Embedded System Design - II

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Embedded Systems Design - II

Haresh Dagale
* Credits → 2:1
* Instructor → Haresh Dagale, Principal Scientific Officer

Software components: startup code, boot loader, kernel, applications. Embedded system without and OS. Realtime kernel: Introduction to a real-time kernel, comparison and contrast with the general purpose as mult-tasking, scheduling policies, mutual exclusion and synchronisation, inter-task control flow, inter-task data flow, memory management, interrup processing. Linux for embededded applications:overview of Linux kernel architecture; system call interface. Process management; memory management; file system architecture. Linux for micro-controllers and real-time applications. Device driver: character, block and network drivers. Designingg a real-time system: development life cycle, modeling a real-time system, Case studies.

Visiting Faculty

Reference Books:

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