Git - Vocabulary

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  • fetch
    Allows examination of changes before committing locally, but only on files that would have conflicts. Similar to cvs synchronize or update.
  • pull
    Get the full repository, similar to cvs replace
  • push
    Similar to check in, but of whole branch, pushes branch to final destination
  • checkout
    Useful for rolling back to a branch, tag or commit comment Similar to pulling an old version to commit it.
  • HEAD
    Current branch (a change from what most of us are used to).
    The commit that you are working on : HEAD^, HEAD^^, HEAD~3 = HEAD^^^, HEAD^1, HEAD^2
  • master
    Same as CVS HEAD this is the main branch
  • clone
    Create a copy of a repository stored locally or elsewhere. (similar to initial check out in CVS)
  • commit
    Create a 'changeset' or 'revision', similar to cvs commit, but NOT to the central repository.
  • Repo
    Your local repo and remote repos
  • Reference in history
    Either commit or merge
  • Branch
    “master” is the default branch name. Do not give name such as test1, test2... but test_login, rel_iteration1
  • Tag
    A friendly name for a commit (version 1.0 vs e74g64a21...)