Installing codelite - ubuntu package

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To download and install CodeLite for Ubuntu:

  • Add CodeLite public key to avoid warnings from apt
sudo apt-key adv --fetch-keys
  • Now let apt know that the repositories exist by adding the proper line from Table 1:

Add the appropriate URLs from Table 1 to /etc/apt/sources.list (you need to become superuser) :

For example, if you use Ubuntu trusty (14.04), either open /etc/apt/sources.list in an editor (as superuser) and append the proper line from Table 1, or else use apt-add-repository in a terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository 'deb trusty universe'
Table 1: CodeLite repositories
Distro/release Lines to append
debian wheezy deb wheezy contrib
ubuntu raring deb raring universe
ubuntu saucy deb saucy universe
ubuntu trusty deb trusty universe
  • You then need to update your repositories.
sudo apt-get update

You should now be able to install CodeLite by doing:

sudo apt-get install codelite