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The analog to digital converter (ADC) API provides a set of functions for programming and operating the ADC. Functions are provided to configure the sample sequencers, read the captured data,register a sample sequence interrupt handler, and handle interrupt masking/clearing.

Depending on the features of the individual microcontroller, the ADC supports up to twenty-four input channels plus an internal temperature sensor. Four sampling sequencers, each with configurable trigger events, can be captured. The first sequencer captures up to eight samples, the second and third sequencers capture up to four samples, and the fourth sequencer captures a single sample. Each sample can be the same channel, different channels, or any combination in any order.

The sample sequencers have configurable priorities that determine the order in which they are captured when multiple triggers occur simultaneously. The highest priority sequencer that is currently triggered is sampled first. Care must be taken with triggers that occur frequently (such as the “always” trigger); if their priority is too high, it is possible to starve the lower priority sequencers.

Hardware oversampling of the ADC data is available for improved accuracy. An oversampling factor of 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, or 64x is supported, but reduces the throughput of the ADC by a corresponding factor. Hardware oversampling is applied uniformly across all sample sequencers.

Software oversampling of the ADC data is also available (even when hardware oversampling is available). An oversampling factor of 2x, 4x, or 8x is supported, but reduces the depth of the sample sequencers by a corresponding amount. For example, the first sample sequencer captures eight samples; in 4x oversampling mode, it can only capture two samples because the first four samples are used for the first oversampled value and the second four samples are used for the second oversampled value. The amount of software oversampling is configured on a per sample sequencer basis.

ADC API Functions

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