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► [[EmSys:CCS Debug Configuration | Configure for Debug]]<br />
► [[EmSys:CCS Debug Configuration | Configure for Debug]]<br />
► [[EmSys:CCS Build Load Run | Load/Debug/Run the Program]]
► [[EmSys:CCS Build Load Run | Load/Debug/Run the Program]]
=== References ===
# [[EmSys:Introduction to Atomthreads | Introduction to Atomthreads]]
# [[EmSys:Atomkernel.c File Reference | Atomthreads kernel Reference]]

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atomthread template Project

Install Code Composer Studio
Install TivaWare for C Series
► Launch Code Composer Studio with new workspce.
► Instead of creating a new project, we will Import a pre-configured project from the file system.
► Download atomthreads Template Project.
► To import an existing project into the CCS IDE workspace, select File > Import from the CCS main menu.
►Rename the Project as atomthreads_on_tivac_blinky
► In the Next screen, Select Code Composer Studio > CCS Projects
► Click on the Next button.

Ccs import archive project.png

► In the Import CCS Projects Dialog window, choose Select archive file:, and Browse to file.
Click Finish.

Ccs import atomthread project from archive.png

► Create CCS Build Variable called TIVAWARE_LOC which should link to the Tivaware folder
Build Project
►Launch Serial terminal emulator (minicom, gtkterm,etc) and configure for 115200,8,1,N
Configure for Debug
Load/Debug/Run the Program


  1. Introduction to Atomthreads
  2. Atomthreads kernel Reference