Create a variable at workspace level

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To create a variable at workspace level in CCS 6.1.x:

  • Go to menu Window->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->Build->Variables
  • Here you can view, add or edit variables for the workspace
  • Use the "Add" button to create a new variable

This screenshot shows an example of setting a new variable called TIVAWARE_LOC.

Add Build Variable
Add Build Variable

Once this variable is created, all projects in that workspace will have that variable set as both a Path variable and a Build variable.

To confirm the variable is set:

  • Select any one of the projects in the workspace
  • Right-click and go to Properties->Resource->Linked Resources
  • Observe that the variable we set earlier is shown here

Path Variables

  • Right-click and go to Properties->Build->Variables tab, and check the box to "Show system variables"
  • Observe that the variable we set earlier is shown here as well

View Build Variables

So in summary, if you create a variable at Window->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->Build->Variables, the variable can be used both when linking source files as well as when specifying paths in compiler/linker options.

However, if you create a Build variable at workspace level (from menu Window->Preferences->C/C++->Build->Build Variables) or project level (Properties->Build->Variables tab), it cannot be used as a path variable when linking source files. So the more convenient method would be to create variables from the Window->Preferences menu.