Eclipse - Creating Cross-Compile Project

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Creating Cross-Compile Project

We will create a project called strcopy by selecting File > New >Project as shown in the following screen.

Creating New C Project

Creating Cross GCC Project

  • Type in the Project Name box as strcopy.
  • From the Project Type box, Select Cross-Compile Project
  • From the tool-chains box, Select Cross GCC and
  • click Next>

ARM Toolchain - Path and Folder

  • Put in the Tool command prefix input box, arm-none-eabi- (note the trailing -)
  • For the Tool command path - Browse to the directory where you installed the Code Sourcery Lite ARM Tool chain folder then select Next>.

In the following screen, Select both Debug and Release Configurations and select Finish.

C Project Configurations

Now, your Eclipse IDE should look something like the following screen.

Initial strcopy Project