Eclipse - Installing C/C++ Hardware Debugging

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Installing C/C++ Hardware Debugging

The default Eclipse C++ IDE package doesn't include support for Hardware Debugging which is necessary for embedded project debugging. Before proceeding to install Hardware Debugging plugin, make sure that Network Preferences are properly configured. Select Help > Install New Software... from the eclipse main menu.

eclipse - Install New Software...

Eclipse displays Install dialog as shown in the following screen.

eclipse - Available Software

Click on the "Available Software Sites" link.

Available Software Sites

Scroll down and Selct site and press OK

Eclipse takes you back to the "Available Software Sites" Dialog. Select from the Work with pull-down menu.

Eclipse - CDT Tools Site

Install GDB HW Debugging

Tick Hide items that are already installed and select C/C++ Hardware Debugging by expanding CDT Optional Feature and click on the Next > again Next > followed by Finish button.

After completion of the installation, eclipse asks you to restart the application.

Eclipse - Restart

Press Restart Now to restart Eclipse.