Eclipse - Workspace

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What is Workspace?

Workspaces are folders(directories) that the Eclipse IDE stores files, folders, preferences, settings, etc., associated with one or more projects, typically grouping related projects together.

  • How to Open/Create workspace?
  1. Start Eclipse, In the workspace launcher dialogue, specify the workspace folder.
  2. Specify the name of new workspace (folder) in the workspace launcher.
  3. From within an open workspace, Select File > switch workspace
  • Do I need to create a new workspace for each program I want to develop?
    No, one creates a new project for each program, and places the new project in an existing workspace.
  • Can I have Multiple Workspaces?
    YES. One can have multiple workspaces for the following reasons:
    1. Eclipse can not have two projects of the same name in one workspace. If you are working on different versions or branches of the same project, Eclipse would not allow you to keep them in one workspace. Under such situation, you would like to have different workspaces.
    2. If your default eclipse workspace has many projects, you may choose to group projects and make them part of different workspaces.
    3. Few settings are stored by default in workspace. If you are working on different project with different requirements, you may choose to use Different Workspace.
    4. If the complete development team uses same installation of Eclipse, every developer should not be allowed to modify the configuration stored in Eclipse. For these reasons explicitly mention your workarea(workspace) on the command line. If you run eclipse as:
eclipse -data d:\username.workspace

Eclipse would start using the workspace as d:\username.workspace