Hitex STR9 comStick

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Hitex STR9 comStick

STR9 comStick


Discover the performance of the STR912FA44 ARM966E-S core with the STR9-comStick. The STR9-comStick is a small but complete evaluation kit with all basic capabilities on board. The STR9-comStick package provides target hardware with the STR912FA44 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics, Ethernet Phy, USB-device connector, user pins and LEDs for applications use. To provide access to the most external capabilities of the STR912FA44 chip the stick allows to connect Ethernet and USB in smallest USB dongle format.

Key Features

  • STR9-comStick with STR912 microcontroller
    1. ARM966E RISC core up to 96 MHz
    2. 512 + 32 k FLASH and 96 k RAM
    3. 10/100 Ethernet MAC
    4. USB full speed device, CAN and UART
    5. VIC, timers, I/Os, PWM, ADC and a lot of other peripherals
  • JTAG Debugging over USB connector

Benefits of the STR9-comStick

  • Plug in the Stick and watch the stick applications
    1. Embedded WEB server
    2. USB Mouse
    3. CAN monitor and generator
    4. PWM control
    5. ADC measurements
    6. I/O control
  • Change the properties of the stick-applications with the included GUI
  • Learn about programming and debugging the STR9 microcontroller