I2C IO Baord

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I2C Interface Board

This board is consists of the following ICs:

  1. Two-wire serial EEPROM
  2. 3-axis - ± 2g/± 8g smart digital output “piccolo” accelerometer
  3. Digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog

It can be power on with 3.3V DC input from the MCU board. An extra 3.3V 2-Pin header is provided in case the main board has only one 3.3Vdc connector and another 3.3V is required to connect other peripheral. PIN configuration for the I2C Peripheral interface board (7 pins header):


Pin 1 : GND
Pin 2 : 3.3V
Pin 3 : STTS75 INT (Interrupt Pin for STTS75 temperature sensor)
Pin 4 : MEMS_INT1 (Interrupt Pin for Accelerometer)
Pin 5 : MEMS_INT2 (Interrupt Pin for Accelerometer)
Pin 6 : SDA_I2C (I2C Data Line)
Pin 7 : SCL_I2C (I2C clock Line)

Note: On board Pull-up resistor provided for I2C lines.