Install Code Composer Studio v6 Ubuntu

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Ubuntu 16.04


Starting with this version of new CCSv6.2.0, the application is natively 64-bit and only requires one 32-bit library installed.

From a terminal prompt, issue the following command to install it:

host@user$sudo apt-get update
host@user$sudo apt-get install libc6:i386

This is due to the fact Linux 64-bit versions of the TI compilers were not yet ready.

Installation Instructions

There are two types of installers:

Web installers will allow you to perform an install using an installer controlled download process that will only download needed software components. An internet connection is mandatory at install time. Obtain it from your instructor or Download it from here

Off-line installers are a large archive (about 730MB). When you run it you can select the components to be installed. No internet connection is required at install time. The executable can be used for installing multiple local systems. Obtain the it from your instructor or Download it from here

► Simply save the file and untar.

host@user:~/Downloads$tar xvf CCS6.2.0.00050_web_linux-x64.tar.gz

If you download the Web Installer

host@user:~/Downloads$tar xvf CCS6.2.0.00050_linux-x64.tar.gz 

If you download the Off-line installer.

► Launch the ccs_setup_linux64_6.2.0.00050.bin file in the folder created when you unzipped the download. This will start the CCS6 install wizard.