Install ICDI Device Drivers

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Install/Verify Drivers


Once CCS installation has completed, navigate to directory <Install-Folder>/ccs930/ccs/install_scripts.

host@user:~$ cd ~/ti/ccs930/ccs/install_scripts/

As root, execute script "".

host@user:~/ti/ccs930/ccs/install_scripts$ sudo ./


Verify ICDI Device Drivers

ICDI Device Drivers

► Assure that your LaunchPad is connected to your laptop.
► Click on the Windows Start button.
► Right-click on Computer and select Properties from the drop-down menu.
► Click on Device Manager on the left of the dialog.

The Device Manager window displays a list of hardware devices installed on your computer and allows you to set the properties for each device. If you see any of the following three devices listed in the Other category:

  • Stellaris ICDI JTAG/SWD Interface
  • Stellaris ICDI DFU Device
  • Stellaris Virtual Serial Port

it means that the driver for those devices is not installed.

Run this step only if your device drivers did not install properly.

► Obtain the ICDI drivers from your instructor or download the zip file from Stellaris ICDI Drivers for Windows.
► Unzip the file to a folder on your desktop.
► Back in the Device Manager, right-click on each of the Other devices (one at the time) and select Update Driver. In the following dialogs point the wizard to the folder on your desktop with the unzipped files. If the process seems to take longer than it should, the wizard is likely searching on-line. Turn off your wireless or disconnect your network cable to prevent this.

► Make sure all three devices listed above are properly installed.