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NomADIK Board


The Nomadik hardware kit, NHK-15, is a comprehensive hardware environment enabling full STn8815 Nomadik family advantages for media convergence devices. It allows easy and fast development of applications and products such as: internet tablets, portable multimedia and TV players and personal navigation devices.

The NHK-15 is the ST reference hardware delivery for STn8815 Linux software offerings and the application development tool for Linux and WinCE developer's community.


  • Nomadik STn8815 multimedia application processor: STn8815A 12 mm x 12 mm package
  • 1-Gbit DDR mobile SDRAM
  • Flash memory
    • 2-Gbit OneNAND Flash
    • 1-Gbit NAND Flash (optional)
  • Video
    • 4.3" WVGA RGB 24-bit LCD display with touch screen as default display
    • Generic I/O connector for custom display
    • SMIA CCP2 camera interface with 3 Mpixel AF sensor and Flash gun module in kit
    • CCIR parallel camera interface
    • Analog TVout with STw8009 IC
  • Audio
    • STw5095 stereo audio codec supporting 2 loudspeakers, 1 headset stereo, dual stereo microphones and 1 external microphone
    • Class D amplifier
    • FM stereo and BT interface
  • Power management
    • Power management companion IC STw4811
    • Battery and sector operated
    • Battery charging via AC/DC adapter / USB
    • Battery charge control system + fuel gauge
  • Memory card interface for SD/MMC
  • Peripherals and connectivity
    • Bluetooth 2.1 stacked with FM radio STLC2590
    • ST WLAN 802.11 b/g STLC4550/60
    • USB OTG high speed
    • MEMs enabling "smart UI"
    • GPS daughter board connector
    • 4-bit CE-ATA HDD interface
    • SIM card interface for content protection
    • 4x4 matrix keyboard and open interface for custom keyboard
    • Trace and debug: JTAG, ETM, Nexus, RS232, XTI and Ethernet
    • I/O expansion connector for:
      • Mobile TV DVB-H, S-DTB, T-DMB interfaces
      • Data modem interface for return channel
      • Other GPIOs