Storage IO Board

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Storage Baord

This board is consists of the following ICs/Components:

AT24C1024B : Two-wire serial EEPROM SST26VF016 : Serial Quad I/O (SQI) Flash Memory Micro SD Card : SPI based connection MCP23009-E : 8-Bit I/O Expander with Open-Drain Outputs driving LEDs MC33269  : 5V to 3.3V DC to DC convertor

The information regarding ICs you can find in the provided data-sheets. The board can be power on either by 3.3V or 5V from the MCU board. For 5V input the DC to DC converter has been provided on the board to give 3.3V output.

PIN configuration for the Storage+I2C Based Peripheral board (J2: 14 pins header):


Pin 1 : MicSD_MOSI
Pin 2 : MicSD_CS
Pin 3 : MicSD_SCK
Pin 4 : MicSD_Detection
Pin 5 : MicSD_MISO
Pin 6 : SFLASH-MISO (Serial Flash MISO line)
Pin 7 : SFLASH-CE (Serial Flash Chip Enable Pin)
Pin 8 : HW-RESET (Reset Pin for I/O Expander)
Pin 9 : SFLASH-SCK (Serial Flash Click line)
Pin 10 : SFLASH-MOSI (Serial Flash MOSI line)
Pin 11 : EEPROM-SCL (I2C Clock line)
Pin 12 : EEPROM-SDA (I2C Data line)
Pin 13 : GND
Pin 14 : VCC_SIN (Input voltage from MCU board)


Pin 1 : VCC_SIN (Input voltage from MCU board which can be 5V or 3.3V)
Pin 2 : VCC_3V3_ST (Board’s Input Voltage pin)
Pin 3 : VCC_REG (Regulator’s output)