CCS Examine Project Explorer

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Examine your Project files using Windows Explorer

Using Windows Explorer, locate your blinky project folder:




Do you see main.c? It should be there because you created it. Do you see the libdriver.a file? This file should NOT be there because it’s only linked in your project. Notice the other folders in the project folder – these contain your CCS project specific settings. Close Windows Explorer.

Examine the properties of your new project

In CCS, right-click on your project and select Properties. Click on each of the sections below:

  • Resource: This will show you the path of your current project and the resolved path if it is linked into the workspace. Click on “Linked Resources” and both tabs associated with this.
  • General: shows the main project settings. Notice you can change almost every field here AFTER the project was created.
  • Build → GNU Compiler: These are the basic compiler settings along with every compiler setting for your project.
  • Other: feel free to click on a few more settings, but don’t change any of them.

Click Cancel.