Create a New CCS6 Project

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Create a New CCS6 Project

Select workspace
Launch CCS.

When the “Select a workspace” dialog appears, browse to your My Documents folder:

C:\Users\usrname>\My Documents


Select workspace

Obviously, replace <username> with your own username. The name and location for your workspace isn’t critical. Do not check the “Use this as the default and do not ask again” checkbox. If at some point you accidentally check this box, it can be changed in CCS. Click OK.

Create a New Project

New CCS Project

To create a new project, select Project → New CCS Project

Create New Project

► For the project name : lab2
► Compiler Version : GNU v6.3.1 (linaro)
► Target : Tiva C Series, Tiva TM4C123GH6PM
► For Connection : choose Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface.This is the builtin emulator on the LaunchPad board.
► Project templates and examples box : choose Empty Project and Then click Finish.