FreeRTOS Exercise Lab22

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FreeRTOS Exercise Lab22 (Using Counting Semaphore)

Use Counting Semaphore to count number of edge counts on TIMER3A.

  1. Program TIMER3A to capture rising edges in edge-count (interrupt driven) mode.
    Timer programming How to ...
  2. Create Task 1 as a continuous processing task, and Task 2 as to count the number of edge counts.
    In Task 1, display "Task 1 is Running."
  3. Display "Number of Input Edges = nnnn" in the Task 2


  1. The input pin of Timer3A is PB2.
  2. Square wave signal should be fed to PB2 pin.
  3. Make sure it is 0 to 3.3V peak-to-peak.