Link the TivaWare driverlib.lib file to your project

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Add Files

Select Project-->Add Files… Navigate to:


… and

click Open. The File Operation dialog will open …

Use the TIVAWARE_INSTALL path variable you created earlier. This means that the LINK (or reference to the library) file will be RELATIVE to the location of the TivaWare installation.

Make the selections as shown and click OK.

Add Files

  • If you hand this project to someone else, they can install the project anywhere in the file system and this link will still work.
  • If you choose PROJECT_LOC, you would get a path that is relative to the location of your project and it would require the project to be installed at the same “level” in the directory structure.
  • Another advantage of this approach is that if you wanted to link to a new version, say TivaWare_C_Series-2.1.x, all you have to do is modify the variable to the new folder name.

Your project should now look something like the screen capture below. Note the symbol for libdriver.a denotes a linked file.

Add Files